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No Injuries at Day Two!

A tip of the hat to the sources: Tafur and McDonald.

First things first. What a stupid expression. When else would the first things be? Second and a half thing first and first thing fifth.

Wait, so the first thing is fifth? Wouldn't that make it the fifth thing and actually mean the second and a half thing is first? Enough of this semantics, this seems to important to just be a first thing; so, first and last thing first.

Tom Cable on the WR putting the foot in football:

There's no damage, anything like that. It's sore. We're going to have to work with him to find out what his workload is, what he can and can't do. We're going to have to deal with it, probably from here on out.

Schillens, who it was reported was less than ecstatic about the situation, said he is going to try and do one of the two-a-day practices each day starting Saturday. On Friday, he actually did less with his foot than Seabass, who kicked his first field goal of the year. The older I get, the sweeter it seems to be a kicker.

It seems much of the day was spent in live drills with no contact.

Jump on in for easy and fun to read bullet points.

*Kicker/Punter option is the troll/dickhead detector.

  • Gradkowski had a rough first half of practice and bounced back some in the afternoon. Some of this I am sure can be attributed to the understandable rust that has grown on his arm from the pec out. Grad is not really the kind of guy that is going to blow people away in practice anyway.
  • The Defensive minds on this team have new toys and they are beginning to tinker. Groves got reps today at DE. Some of which were with the first team.
  • Houston was seen asking Seymour for tips between plays. For my money, there is not a better player for Houston to learn from.
  • I was worried about the RT position. But Langston Walker's confidence is putting those worries to rest. When asked about starting at RT he said, "Someone's got to start." That-a-kid. I am sure Campbell is sleeping better already.
  • Stanford Routt missed some time today, but appeared to be fine at the end of the day.
  • Kevin Ross, the new DB coach, is making himself a vocal presence in practices. I think Hue is contagious. Speaking of Hue....
  • The defense likes to rub it in to Hue when they make a play. And they made some today. Mitchell, Thomas, Branch, Porter and William Joseph all were mentioned as getting at least one pick. That's right, William Joseph. After today's display of hands, Joseph is looking to be the first 800 lbs DB in the league.
  • Mitchell is making some plays and missing some. It sounds like he is flying all over the field. It also sounds like he is getting anxious to start hitting something. At one point the coaches had to remind him it was no contact.
  • Not surprisingly, Campbell has already found Miller to be a reliable target. Before the snap on one play Hue even told the defense the play was going to Miller and it did...for a completion.
  • DHB had one drop and beat up the ground after. As of yet, the ground has not pressed charges. This was the only drop by him that was mentioned.
  • DHB and Nnam stayed after practice again to work on the line release and jamming.
  • JLH made a couple of plays in the passing game, but also had one bounce off his chest and muffed a punt.
  • Not much mention of the rooks today. Sounds like Bush burned McClain on a cutback. Ford had a nice deep catch from Boeller. Really not hearing much about the rookie DB's. Make of that what you will. They must not be getting any picks and they must not be getting burned either.
  • LaMarr Houston did not get into any fights today.
  • 12 days 'til the first preseason game and we will be able to see these guys in action for ourselves.