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When the dice are hot, run the table, fast and furious!

The Raiders patiently waited for opportunities to present themselves and they have. The stars have aligned, now is the time for bold and swift action, during this uncapped year. With the following acquisitions, our enemies will justifiably tremble like women with palsy and the wretches they are with green envy.

When you’ve got burning-hot dice, when the cards keep coming your way, there is only one course of action, "Play fast and furious."

I’m of the same opinion as angelsoterica who advocates eloquently for our going hard after the Jets' CB, Darrelle Revis. "Many people, myself included, have said Al wants that Hayes/Haynes corner combo. And here comes the golden opportunity to get two Pro-Bowl corners on the same team, wearing the Silver and Black." [angelsoterica].

Revis is the one CB who could balance Asom1 on our opposite flank. Darrelle is displeased with his contract. Moreover, he is obsessed about Nnamdi and always measures himself against him. Revis has indicated a strong inclination to play under the same banner as the greatest active Raider and CB in the League. An arraignment could be struck pitting the two of them in competition with each other with incentives built in – a prospect that the most jaded sports law attorney would drool at. Imagining these two on the same team – our team – fills my heart with something akin to lust.

Hard facts: The Jets need OLBs and also a backup QB for Sanchez. Thus, we trade LBs Ricky Brown and Quentin Groves along with the honeymooner, Kyle Boller; we also part ways with current LCB, Chris Johnson. Ryan will want our 2nd round draft pick probably but with the foregoing package should be content with our 3rd.. Voila! Instantly our D forces the rush. "Forces the rush? ...Is that a good idea?" Indeed! With the additions of Death Ro (McClain), John "I’ll turn the other cheek and then break your neck" Henderson, Lamarr "The Intense One" Houston, et alia, smash-mouth football is back in town, our rushing woes behind us. What, I ask, will offenses do with DBs you can’t throw against and with a D-line that won't buckle? "Very little."

We have the hot dice, hotter than ever! The Titans don’t know how to value Chris Johnson who is justifiably discontented with his $1.6 million/yr - considering guaranteed money. The fact that the business men of that flat elongated state would quibble with him (the most exciting player in the NFL) is a green flag for us to go and get him. Even now, at Music City Miracles (the hapless name of the Titans blog), they are turning on him, evinced by such epitaphs as, 'Johnson’s become a me first player."

Hard facts: The Titans are weakest at DE - we trade them Seymour or Trevor Scott and Richardson and, to offset CJ’s absence, Darren McFadden, plus our 2nd round draft pick. The deal addresses both team’s needs – the Titans get two DEs and our former 1st round RB and are in position to draft a Center in the draft next year - which they sorely need and we sacrifice from our surfeit DE corps. We would have the Intense One - Lamarr Houston on one end and Matt 'Cool Kill' Shaughnessy at the other - plus either Seymour or Scott, whichever isn't sent to the Titans.

As for Seymour’s contract being too rich for Tennessee, yes, $12.4 is a lot; but it’s only for one-year and Oakland could trade or release players with bloated salaries, i.e. Tommy Kelly (we have John Henderson now who is better than Kelly and also the hulking Desmond "Adonis" Bryant), Stanford Rout's salary is grotesquely bloated and for what (?), Cooper Carlisle is being usurped by Bruce 'The Human Claymore" Campbell. We free capital by losing these individuals and offset the opportunity cost: $4.8 million remaining on CJ’s 3- year contract plus the increase necessary to bring him here. Consider Michael Bush and Chris Johnson in our backfield; not since our glory days when Bo Jackson and Marcus Allen ran amok from Oakland's backfield would such a tandem be seen in this league. Bush and Johnson might even eclipse that breathtaking duo!

So, Brethren and Woman of the Nation, do we continue forward? Yea? or Nay?