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Why Thursday night is significant

Last Thanksgiving, I watched the Dallas game before Dinner; having lost my appetite, I was unable to do justice to the conventional alimentary delicacies enjoyed on this uniquely American holiday - for I witnessed such an offensive display from our Offensive-line as to put me off food the rest of the evening.

Our linemen: Mario Henderson, Robert Gallery, Samson Satele, Cooper Carlisle and Zach Miller (w/ respect to blocking only) all played badly that day against Dallas. Notwithstanding, our backs and receivers play was solid football overall.

So, on Thursday the most key focus for me will be on our Offensive Line. It is this element that concerns me most for it was (not counting our run D which has been fixed) our greatest elemental weakness last season. Our players on the OLine are mostly the same - our rookies not yet ready to take over.

Meeting Dallas again - even in preseason - should therefore give some indication of whether this line of ours has progressed or whether we are an unbalanced team - developmentally retarded. The obvious improvements in our LB corps, D-line and Offensive backfield can only do so much - Jason Campbell and our RBs will be able to do what they are capable of only if our line is much better than it was last season.

What element of our ball club will you be watching most closely Thursday night?