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Time To get Back In The Groove Raider Nation:

I am back from an internet virus, Lollapalooza, San Diego, Reggae on The River and playing the first annual Chili Fest in Felton and I am READY for some OAKLAND RAIDER FOOTBALL!!!!!!

It is time to get back into the weekly Raider groove, because coming tomorrow the rubber meets the road and the veil on Training Camp is lifted.

By no means does this mean that if the team wins or even looks good that the Raiders will be any good. In 2006, we started off the Pre-Season 3-0 and went 2-14 in the regular season, BUT, tomorrow night we will see who is starting on both sides of the ball and special teams.

According to some reports, LaMarr Houston and Matt Shaughnessy will be the starting DE's with Seymour and Kelly on the inside.

Rolando has become the MLB, Routt is asserting himself (Who'd of thunk that?) and there is an entire sanhedron of linebackers waiting behind Scott, Wimbley and McClain.

The Offense look set as well, except for the starting TB spot and back-up FB spot, but that can change in a flash with injuries and performances.

The player that I am pulling for the most is Nick Miller. Miller impressed me the most last pre-season and it is a shame that he never got a chance to play.

Who are you pulling for?