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How Oakland might mitigate the WR issue and bolster its O-Line

From all available reports, our 3 TEs are playing well in OTAs and Training Camp. Zach Miller, Brandon Myers and Tony Stewart all have good hands and are consistently able to get open. Meanwhile, our WRs have been plagued with injuries, are young, and generally small in stature. Moreover, unless some indication in pre-season proves otherwise, our Offensive Line is our most vulnerable element and a source of concern.

Thus being the case, I suggest that we seriously consider bolstering the O-Line with two Tight Ends. Zach would stay in and we rotate Brandon Myers with Tony Stewart. With a 7-man front, we immediately become a greater rushing threat while putting stalwart receivers with appreciable speed into the mix.

Several college and professional teams have had huge success with this basic Double-TE set. Nick Saban installed and ran the Double-Tight-End formation at Alabama as did the Buffalo Bills - winning a Championship over the Chargers while using it. Notre Dame used to use it and so did the Bears. Nebraska used it for years under Tom Osborne and so did Texas under Darrell Royal.

In the Pros now, the Double-TE is mostly seen in goal-line and short-yardage situations. But I believe it should be used more regularly, especially if we want to establish the running game, so we can offset our O-Line and WR issues - mitigating those problems by adding an additional TE.