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08-12-10: Oakland Raiders Preseason Game #1: IN Dallas

In just an hour and a half, the helmets will collide and the hits will be real...even if the game isn't.

I have as many questions about the 2010 Raiders as the rest of you, and here are 10 that I want answered tonight:

1) Is the Oakland Defense the reason that the offense has looked terrible in practice, or is the Offensive Line really bad?

2) Can Nick Miller impress in 2010 as well as he did in 2009?

3) How will special teams play?

4) Have Bryant and Shaughnessy got their man strength yet?

5) Will Langston Walker get a penalty?

6) Who is Campbell's main target? (My money is on Zach Miller)

7) How will Bush respond to being the #1 back?

8) Will "Ro-Mac" take care of middle of the field?

9) Will the offense look different under Hue Jackson?

10) What are teh current rotations?

I'll come back after the game and break down what I saw and see if these questions were answered at all.