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One Victory Down 22 More To Go

Before I start this post-game recap/thread, I have to admit that I wasn't able to watch the game. It was not on TV in my hood. I will be watching tomorrow at 3:30 when the NFL Network replays the game, but we need a post-game thread up in here. Fill me in nation, what did your eyes see that mine didn't have the chance to?

Now that I think about it, I am not sure my biggest questions will be answered by watching the broadcast. it is time for televised football to take a step forward. For us die-hards, who would like to re-watch a game or check out things from different angles, they should offer different views on-line. NASCAR offers this feature and it seems like one of those no-brainer things you can't believe they didn't think of sooner.

For example, I would like to see a camera that just show the Raiders O-line all game. I am really curious how the rookie O-lineman looked. I read that Veldheer got time at Center. Did he play tackle at all? It sounded like he was solid. I am also curious as to how Bruce Campbell looked.

A couple of things noticeable from the stat sheet:

The Raiders D-line dominated. Welcome to the NFL LaMarr. This game should be easy for him. ROY should be his when he ends up with 32 sacks on the year. Besides the sacks, the Raiders were stout against the run. I'll take it. Of course one of the big question marks coming in for the Cowboys was the play of their O-line.

The Cowboys defense is not a question mark and the Raiders first team O found little success. They were horrid on 3rd downs and the first team didn't even come close to coming close to scoring position.

I'd be a little more worried about this if the Raiders O is not a giant work in progress and Cincinatti didn't find any success against the 'Boys either. They failed to move the ball past the 50 in the first half.

DHB was targeted on the first pass and then not again. I don't know if this was a function of him not getting open or the offense going some place else. Whatever the case is, it worries me a little.

So, what did y'all see from Texas. How were the rooks? How was the play calling? Who stood out, positive or negative?