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Saint's Ten Things From Last Night:

Before last night's game there were 10 things that I wanted to see in the game against Dallas. I watched the game closely, but, my internet was down, so I couldn't write anything during the game!?!? Gotta love these internets!?!?

Anyway, here is what I saw:

1) Is the Oakland Defense the reason that the offense has looked terrible in practice, or is the Offensive Line really bad?

This is a mixed bag. After watching the run defense strangle the Dallas running game, I can definitely say that the Defensive Line is part of the reason that the running offense looks weak in practice.

LaMarr Houston was a God send to this squad. Not only did he get two sacks on his first defensive series, he was playing some DT in the second half and was one of the reasons that the D-Line held the Dallas running game in check all game long.

The jury is still out on the O-Line. They were asked to pass protect alot and they looked pretty rusty. Datele and Carlisle got blown away on one play, but held their own, for the most part, for the rest of the game. Just to remind you guys, Jim Otto is very high on Sampson Satele, so I believe that he will be our Center and he has my support.

2) Can Nick Miller impress in 2010 as well as he did in 2009?

Miller is the man. He runs great routes, has good hands and is able to return kicks. Miller needs to make this team. His TD catch was impressive, but so was the fact that he was open quite a bit.

3) How will special teams play?

Special teams looked pretty good. One player that stood out to me was Travis Goethel. Not only was he great at MLB against the Cowboy scrubs, he was everywhere on special teams. I think that Goethel will make the club.

4) Have Bryant and Shaughnessy got their man strength yet?

Yes, on Shaughnessy, no on Bryant. Matt Shaughnessy was a beast against the run and coming off of the edge. His two sacks were vefry impressive. Bryant was getting pushed around by Dallas on running plays and was one of the reasons that Houston came back in and played DT. I see Bryant as a good pass rusher, but he needs to get his man strength before he can hang against the big boys against the run.

5) Will Langston Walker get a penalty?

That was almost a gimme. Yes, Walker got a penalty, but, he did block well when I watched him. He was especially impressive on runs, as usual.

6) Who is Campbell's main target? (My money is on Zach Miller)

Zach Miller and Murphy were Campbell's main targets, as they should be when DHB is not getting open and Schillens is out.

7) How will Bush respond to being the #1 back?

Bush looked strong and I expect the team to run more in the regular season. They need to pass off of the run and Bush looks like "The Man".

8) Will "Ro-Mac" take care of middle of the field?

McClain only registered 2 tackles, one solo, but he was a great leader. He got the plays in and was definitely swarming to the ball. The thing is, the front 4 were taking care of the run, so he didn't have too much to clean up. Dallas ran 22 times for only 66 yards, an average of 3.0, and it was less against teh starting D.

9) Will the offense look different under Hue Jackson?

The jury is out on this. I would give this an incomplete because Schillens and McFadden were out and apparently the playbook barely got cracked when the first team offense was in.

10) What are the current rotations?

The jury is also ot on this, but, I will say that Quentin Groves, Nick Miller, John Henderson and Jared Veldeheer moved up the depth chart and Michael Bennett is locked in one of the best fights of the camp with Rock Cartwright.

All in all, I was impressed with this team and I am looking forward to the next one against Chicago!!!