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These Ends Will Close When the Rest of The Defense Holds Up

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The biggest thing that I and every Raider fan that I've spoken to since Thursday took away from the Dallas game was that our Defensive Ends had 4 sacks, we didn't blitz and we stuffed the heck out of the Dallas running game.

In my opinion this has to do with the man defense working in the defensive backfield, the middle of the defense checking their men and taking on multiple blocks while the ends work their ways, one on one to the quarterback.

Neither Matt Shaughnessy nor LaMarr Houston were commanding double teams before the Dallas game and we all know that Richard Seymour is doubled on every play, so, after the 4 sack performance, the question lingers, if this keeps up, will teams have to keep a back or extra tight end from running routes in order to double one of our speed/power guys on the edge?

If the offense is forced to have 6 men block 4 men on every play, then the advantage goes to the man defense...Period.

At most, the quarterback would have 4 options on many of the plays, Nnamdi can handle one of those by himself. Now the QB is left with three options. If Branch can handle the Tight End and one of the linebackers (Thomas Howard) can handle a running back, that leaves CJ/Routt/Ware/McFadden and Huff on the remaining WR with McClain and Wimbley either blitzing or guarding the line against draws/screens and players that slip out of pass protection.

So, the question is, can Shaughnessy or Houston demand a double team?

That is only one question that I want answered against the Bears this Saturday. Can Shaugnessy and Houston build on their opening performances and demand a double team. I know this, I would not want to be an offense that only single blocks Seymour when he is at the NT or 3. That would definitely spell D-Saster for the offense!!!