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As The Raiders Turn

DHB was on the field Wednesday, but he didn't run any routes and only participated in a limited amount of drills. He did, however, do some serious stretching. Also, he was seen sporting an addition to his uniform. It was a tight compressing like wrap and it was around his left thigh.

An astute reporter asked Cable if perhaps DHB had some hamstring issues and that was why he has not been practicing. Cable:

No, more fatigue than anything.

Whatever, it seems apparent that DHB has some hammy issues. I have no idea why they wouldn't say that. I for one, welcome the thought of him nursing a hammy over the other discussed possibilities. No one bothered to ask if he flew to the Dagobah System.

It does create a curious situation for Saturday. The club will have a hard time saying they held him out of a game, because of fatigue, yet given their treatment of tight muscles I don't see them letting him play. Cable himself reiterated their cautious nature when he was asked about Chaz Schillens being held out of practice. Cable:

Just protecting, yup. I'm doing that quite a bit. I know you guys are wondering about it, but just really trying to be more proactive on the smart side and take care of these guys.

On that note, he then ruled out McFadden for Saturday's game. Cable:

He is much, much improved and he is pretty close to being ready to go but, again, I am probably going to lean toward being more protective now.

It also looks like Bruce Gradkowski will miss the game as well. Cable said Brennan will "probably" get some snaps. Things are definitely falling into place for Kyle Boller and he appears to be taking advantage of it. Cable on Boller:

He’s doing well. The game against Dallas speaks for itself, and he’ll get another opportunity this weekend to see if he can consistently do that.

  • Cable didn't mention Chris Johnson, but he was held out again and I suspect will be out on Saturday.
  • Cable took another opportunity to praise his new LB's while putting down the previous ones. Cable on Wimbley:

    The thing I am most excited about is Dallas ran three power plays in there and, for the first time since I have been around here, our ‘Sam’ backer stood up the fullback all three times. That’s what he brings. He understands what you’re asking him to do; plays it the way you’re asking.

  • Yamon Figurs is pushing for a roster spot. He is reported to have made the catch of the day.
  • Jeremy Ware practiced with the first team nickel today. The coaches have been rotating the rooks through this spot. Assuming CJ is out on Saturday, it'll be interesting to see who the nickel is with the first string.
  • And now for Hue Jackson's moment of zen. It was directed at everyone and prompted by Khalif Barnes jumping offsides.

    Get me another left tackle. We ain’t doing that no more. We can’t be jumping offside. You do, you’re out of there.

  • Brandon Meyers left practice early to get his hand x-rayed after a pass bounced off his finger. Sanjay should tell him that is an ineffective way to catch. I haven't heard the results of the x-ray.
  • Alex Daniels showed off his defensive experience today when he had a ball bounce off of his hands for an interception. It'll be interesting to see if he gets a pass his way on Saturday.
  • Jacoby Ford is reportedly back at full speed.
  • Jared Veldheer repordetly did a nice job handling Matt Shaughnessy on back to back snaps. Not much, I know, but I'll take it. There were no reports of him getting beat.
  • I am off to Cannon Beach. I love that place, which makes me even more aware of what an addict I am. It's sick that it even crosses my mind, but the thought of not being able to follow the Raiders on Gameday gives me the fear. So, let's get down to the brass tacks, I expect to see thorough analysis of the game on this fine site upon my return Sunday night! Go Raiders!
  • And as always a tip to the hat of the men and women covering the dog days of camp:

    Corkran and Tafur and Gutierrez and AP