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Saint's 10 Things To Look For Against The Bears:

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The second game is not the most important game, that would be the third pre-season game, but, with a new QB, suspect O-Line and a rookie MLB, there will be much to look at this Saturday.

Feel free to use this thread as a Top 10 List for yourself and I will post the Results Thread on Sunday.

Saint's 10 Things to watch for:

1) Will LaMarr Houston or Matt Shaughnessy be able to draw a double team?

2) Will Nnamdi be playing the Bear's #1 Receiver?

3) Will Sampson Satele get pushed around again?

4) Will Jason Campbell continue to see Murphy and Z. Miller as his top 2 targets?

5) Will Rolando McClain make his first difference making play?

6) Will the first team establish the run in the first possession?

7) Who will have a better day, Cartwright or Bennett?

8) Will Travis Goethel continue to impress

9) Will a rookie DB assert himself?

10) What positions and how much time will Veldheer and Campbell play?

Those are my 10 keys, what are yours?