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On Jason Campbell: Campbell's Pocket Presence Is Quite Apparent After Two Pre-Season Games

Many of us will banter back and forth about whether or not Pre-Season Games mean anything, but, there is one thing that we should all agree on and this is that there are things that we see in Pre-Season games that can tell us a lot about a particular player.

For this piece, I would like to speak about Jason Campbell's pocket presence as I believe that has been on display consistently over the first two games.

Time and again through the first two preseason games, Oakland Raider, fans have witnessed Jason Campbell handle the pressure of the rush with grace. Whether he has scrambled, gotten rid of the ball or sorta "practiced" and did not give 100% at the end of a broken play (Not wanting to pull a Tebow), he has looked very good on nearly every play. In fact, I am laughing as I write this and realize that Jason Campbell has only made one boneheaded play this pre-season.

I guess that I truly am used to something much worse.

Knowing that Jason Campbell is new to the offense, offensive coordinator (6th in 6 Years) and everybody in Silver and Black NOT named "Rock" Cartwright it seemed to be safe to assume that he would look a bit lost and dicombobulated, but, to the contrary, he has looked quite and right at home.

Am I right Nation?

Knowing how much Al Davis relishes beating the 49ers, it's territorial pride, I expect to see Campbell at full speed on Saturday.

I am buying a Campbell Jersey. My Grandmother's Maiden Name is Campbell. And, no, that won't let you access my checking account, it is my Paternal Grandmother's Family Name from the "Bloody Campbell's" of Scotland.

Go Raiders!!!!