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Saint's Ten Things To Look For Against SF

This is a dream match-up for the third and most important Pre-Season Game. The 49ers strength is our weakness and our strength is will test their weakest link.

1) Will the left side of the 49er line be able to stop Wimbley, Shaughnessy and Seymour?

2) How will Kelly and Houston fare against the weaker side of the 49er O-Line?

3) Will the Raiders be able to stop the run?

4) Will DHB have an effect on this game?

5) Will the young DB's continue to show improvement?

6) Will someone lay Crabtree out?

7) Will McClain step up his production?

8) Will Routt continue to shine?

9) Will Campbell continue to be calm and collected?

10) How will Jared Veldheer handle starting at Center against a team that loves to come right up the middle?

Those are my keys. What are yours?