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Saturday Night Sack Fest!!!

The Raiders are leading the league in Sacks with 12:

Kamerion Wimbley - 4

Matt Shaughnessy - 2

Lamarr Houston - 2

Trevor Scott, Thomas Howard, Tommy Kelly, Chris Cooper all have 1 each.

Another interesting statistic is 3rd down conversions: Oakland is 10 of 29 and Chicago and Dallas combined have a total of 5 out of 30 attempts. Admittedly, 1 out of 3 isn't too impressive, but our opponents' numbers, 1 out of 6, indicate (for those who don't trust their own eyes) that we do have a formidable Defense (preseason or not).

Offensively, our time of possession is okay too, 31.14 to 28.45. We are slightly behind in turnovers (-1) and are averaging 7 penalties / game.

On both sides of the ball, catastrophic blunder plays haven't yet been eradicated.

All said, If we can continue on the course we're on while reducing the penalties and eliminating bonehead-plays, we'll be just fine.