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Over-Under: Chris Johnson in Week 1

We all know Chris Johnson was monstrous for the Tennessee Titans offense last season. This guy broke off huge gainers all year last year, averaged 5.6 yards per carry, caught 50 passes and hit the endzone 16 times. He also ended the season with a streak of 11 straight 100 yard games despite the fact that teams were trying (unsuccessfully) to key on him.

The new and improved Oakland Raiders defense has the daunting task of stopping the Titans rusher on opening day September 12th. You know Johnson is going to want to get off to a fast start against a sloppy rushing defense. So what is the over/under for Johnson on opening day?

The general consensus in the forums is around 100-120 yards with one to two touchdowns. This is a fair number, being that he is supposed to be the best halfback in the league.

However, if the Raiders decide to stack the line of scrimmage with defenders and force the Titans to throw the ball, the number could potentially be much lower than that. If Johnson is breaking off big gainer with the Raiders keeping 8 and sometimes nine players in the box, then we will know right from week one that it's going to be a long year.

So let's hear it, S&B Pride, what's your projection?

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