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Fight! Fight!

The informants: McDonald Tafur Corkran Andrews

The least shocking news of training camp happened today when LaMarr Houston got into the first fight. Houston sounded less than remorseful about the fight:

It’s just football. It happens. We’re in practice and things get a little fiery.

Houston got a little extracaricular on Tony Stewart. Stewart was less than grateful for this extra infusion of fire.

The last thing person you’d expect would be me. It all happened so fast I don’t know what happened. I’ll stick with that story.

Don't worry, they quickly kissed and made up. Cable guy doesn't seem overly concerned about it. In fact, I think he may be encouraging it.

You want to become as a team, but it’s going to get hot, you’re going to get sore and tired and that’s starting to kick in a little bit, so tempers are going to flare. But at the end of the day, they’re teammates and they took care of that right afterward so that was good.

On the less hockeyish news of the day: With the health of the Raiders WR's opening up more questions about the depth of the position, Tom Cable decided to take things into his own hands. That's right, he is going to play the position himself. Cable ran a couple of impressive routs before practice. Sure the first one bounced off of his hands like it hit something concrete only harder, but I am sure he'll find his game soon. Cable:

This is my team, and we go at it together

Look out WR's, there's new competition for your roster spot. Louis Murphy took note of the heat on his spot and returned to action with a solid practice that was highlighted by an 80 yard touchdown reception from Jason Campbell. Murphy:
It's great coming out being able to make plays. That's what the coaches want from me and that's what I'm here to do

On the defensive side of the ball, the hope that John Marshall will, and is allowed to, put his creativity to use are beginning to look like a reality. Check out some of the tinkering...

  • Mike Mitchell had a strong day of practice and spent time as the 3rd down LB with McClain. Mitchell broke up at least two pass plays from the LB position.
  • Houston saw his first action on the interior line and generated some QB pressure.
  • Trevor Scott saw some time on passing down situations as LE.

The most interesting creative use of talent came on the offensive side of the ball as Alex Daniels got run as a FB today. Who knows if he can make it. At 275 with some athleticism I'd love to see it. If he doesn't it won't be because of his attitude. Daniels:

I played running back before, but now I’m going to be a blocking back, and if I’ve got to block for McFadden I’m going to block for McFadden. If I’ve got to block for Bush, I’ve got block for Bush. If I’ve got to block for President Obama, if it’s going to help the Raiders win, then that’s what I’ve got to do.

Whatever I can do to help the team win, that's what I'm going to do.

If I gotta play fullback, if I gotta play center, if I gotta go get the water, then I'm going to do it. Commitment to excellence, that's what I want to do

He just made a fan out of me. As a Sophomore at Minnesota Daniels did play some RB where he averaged 4.6 yards per carry while gaining 309 yards and five touchdowns.

Cable had this to say about the switch:

It's an experiment. He's got some running back in his background. We just feel like we need to continue to develop that position. ...We'll work with that experiment and see if something is there.

  • CJ got most of the day off today. This allowed McFadden to run with the 1st team Nickel. He was reported to have a solid day of practice.
  • Chaz Schillens was also back on the field in limited action and his foot is still attached and working.
  • DHB had the day off and still looked better than he did last year.
  • Nick Miller reminded everyone why a roster spot was held for him despite being hurt almost the entire year as he made a spectacular divining over-the-shoulder catch.
  • Apparently the offensive line looked less than stellar today when practicing 3rd and long situations, but Cable guy is always the optimist. He chooses to focus on the D-line's ability rather than the O-line's inability. Cable:

We definitely upgraded in that department, in terms of the pass rush on third down. It’s a great battle for those guys and it’s going to make us a lot better.

  • One report mentioned Tyvone Branch as struggling today and another that Jason Campbell looked blah. I'm not exactly sure what blah entails, but I'm pretty sure that is still an upgrade over the adjectives used to describe the starting QB play of last year.