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Bring Back Fargas!

With Michael Bush out of action for a few weeks after having surgery Monday for a very messed up thumb – the worst type of thumb break, Bennett fracture, and with the Donkys releasing Justin Fargas coincidentally on Monday, it seems fated and proper that Huggy Bear should be brought back and re-enshrined in Silver & Black.

Last year Justin carried the ball 129 times for 491 yds averaging 3.8/carry and caught 17 averaging 6.6 yds. In all those carries Fargus fumbled once. His carrier rushing average is 4.1 and as most people know, he is as game as anyone.

With Bennett, McFadden and Fargas in our backfield, we won't suffer much let-down from Michael's absence because trusty no. 25 has made yards behind worse lines than our present one and would be the best blocking back on the roster.

Let's do this today!