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2010 Game Thread #1: 09-12-10: Oakland Raiders Invade Tennessee, Plan To Ground The Titans

Here it is Raider Nation, the day that we have been waiting for Rich Gannon's final concussion sent our beloved Oakland Raiders into a seven tear tailspin.

Today is a day of HOPE:

HOPE that Tom Cable is the leader on the field that he seems to be off of it

HOPE that Jason Campbell can have a "Plunkett-Type" effect on this franchise

HOPE that all of the defensive changes will make the Raiders a top rushing defense

HOPE that Darius Heyward-Bey will be the #1 receiver that this team needs

HOPE that Hue Jackson's play calling will lead to more scoring

HOPE that Darren McFadden can be a prmier back in this League

HOPE that this team can go from 7 consecutive years of losing 11 games or more into the Playoffs

Yeah, Nation, there is a a lot to hope for, so what do we need to see in order to know that there is reason to HOPE?

This team, the Tennessee Titans finished off the 2009 Season at 8-8 after starting out 0-6 and the story behind today's game has been the fact that Vince Young and Jeff Fischer will NOT let this team lose this week.

The story this week has been about how the Titans have been game planning for the Raiders for two weeks and that this is the most important game of the season for them.

On the surface it may seem like the Raiders will be facing a buzz saw, and in all reality, I expect them too. Chris Johnson will probably run all over them, but, I HOPE that the defense will stop him.

If the Raiders can find a road to victory today then this game will give me hope that everything I hoped for earlier will come to fruition.

IF the Raiders can find a way to win today, I think they will challenge for the AFC West.