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Silver and Black Pride Tailgate Is Set For Sunday:

It is time Raider Nation! Time to get into the parking lot at 7AM, grill breakfast, grill lunch and then GRILL the Rams!!!

This Sunday we will be teaming up with the Grill Iron Gang, Black Hole and the Oakland Raider Boosters to put on one of the biggest tailgates that I've ever been a part of.

Like always, bring something to either grill drink or eat. If you can't afford either, then bring your appetite, because nobody is ever turned away.

I will be smoking a pork shoulder on Saturday in preparation for all of the craziness that will be going on. This tailgate is going to be so big that the Grill Iron Gang had to pass on the Tailgate Warriors shoot in order to prepare for it.

Let me know, in this thread, or by e-mail, if you will be attending and what you will be bringing, if anything.

The location is not where it always is: It is still in the North Lo, but, we will be tailgating with the Black Hole. So go to the flag pole and look for the Black Hole sign.