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Stop...Prediction Time

It is prediction time! Let's see 'em. The person closest to the score this week shall receive the week long honorary title of being Raiderdamuas's assistant and I shall post their prediction on the front page below the great one's.

Anyone that wants to be surprised as the action unfolds on Sunday or you are afraid of black magic, avert your eyes, because here is what going to happen. Raiderdamus has seen it! And nation, our wise shaman has foreseen goodness.... Behold the man, the myth, the legend, Raiderdamus!

First off, I didn't see the game Sunday. I live in Oregon and it wasn't on TV, plus I was on my way home from an overnight party so I missed ass the early games. I didn't see how poorly the O-Line or D-Line performed, but I have to assume it was pretty bad if people want Henderson's head on a spike.

That being said, the Rams are pretty awful even with a good QB like Bradford. Their O-Line is terrible and their D-line outside of Chris Long may be even worse. Their best receiver, Donnie Avery, is out for a long time. We won't have to worry about anyone besides Steven Jackson. 

Chris Johnson torched us Sunday- but he torched EVERYONE last year including some pretty good defenses. That happens when you set the yards from scrimmage record. The Titans have a very good offensive and defensive line, so we really shouldn't read too much into Sunday's performance. We were just the first team of many that the Titans will likely destroy this year.

Steven Jackson is nowhere near as good as Johnson, but he IS about as good as Matt Forte, who gashed the Raiders during the preseason. I foresee Jackson having a big day, 150+ yards and a score. Sam Bradford, on the other hand, is in line to be sacked multiple times and throw a pick. I predict 180 yds passing, 1 TD, 1 INT.

The Raiders offense should make some adjustments and shouldn't have as much trouble against the Rams D-line as we did against the Titans. Jason Campbell will be sacked once and only once. Louis Murphy and Darren McFadden will each have a touchdown reception, and Campbell will run for another TD.

The final score will be Raiders 27, Rams 17.