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Thank Goodness For Red Zone When The Raiders Are Blacked Out

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For those locals who cannot see the game, the Red Zone by Infinity will be offering a Free View of the red Zone Channel this Sunday.

Fortunately, you will still be able to see all of the Red Zone action and this means that although you will have to watch all of the 1PM Red Zone action, at least you will be piped into the Coliseum.

Now, for those of you who live locally and could have afforded to go...Shame on you.

Hit the jump for the details:

  What: NFL RedZone Freeview

·         Date: This Sunday, September 19th

·         Time: Starting at 1pm EDT (The Freeview will include both the 1pm and 4pm games)

·         Details:

o   Catch a Freeview of NFL RedZone to see every touchdown from every NFL game this Sunday afternoon!

o   6+ hours of commercial-free coverage

o   See all the key moments, thrilling plays, and goal-line stands from around the league

o   A fantasy football player’s best friend

o   To see every touchdown from every NFL game, every Sunday afternoon for the rest of the season, consumers can get NFL RedZone with Comcast for just (Insert price for X market here)

o   Hyperlink for more details: (only include this link as a hyperlink)

o   Call 1-800-COMCAST and visit (or for more information