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Either We Heal Now As A Team Or We Die As Individuals

I wish Tony Montana was coach of the Raiders. That gives me goosebumps. I am jacked for this game. I can't remember the last time I was this amped for a Raiders game. I realize it can be foolish placing too much emphasis in a Week 2 regular season game, but I am beyond foolish--I am a Raiders fan.

While it is only Week 2, this game is the season for me. A loss here and I am off the bandwagon. I'll still follow the team, like I always do, but I won't be expecting anything other than the futility they have forced down our gagging throats for 7+ years.

After the debacle against the Titans, this Raiders team quickly slid back into the jokes of the sports world. Look at Turf Show Times, and you'll see their fan base feels this is going to be an easy victory for the Rams. That's right, the Raiders looked so pathetic that the fans of a team that went 1-15 last year and are starting a rookie QB in his first road start, think they should beat the Raiders.

That's fucking embarrassing and it's time for the Raiders to hit the Rams so hard that shock-waves are felt throughout the NFL universe!

The Raiders need to come out and shove that hope down the Rams throats. I want to see a bruised, beaten and battered Rams team leaving with their tails between their legs while praising the heavens that they don't have to play Oakland again this year. I want to see a Raiders team that so ashamed of their limp dick performance in Tennessee come out with focused rage and intensity. I want to see a team starving to prove they are to be feared and respected.

I want to know that last week was an aberration in a season of change. I need to see a team that this is a team that can play together to physically dominate someone. The Raiders have not won a game by more than 4 points since 2008. Either that ends today or my hope does.