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2010 Game Thread: Sept 19 St. Louis Rams @ Oakland Raiders: No Better Place Than Here, No Better Time Than NOW!


Let's GET IT ON RAIDER NATION!!! (Listen to this song while you read this)

There will be no excuse for losing to the Rams today. The team says that they are ready and have learned from last week's embarrassment in Tennessee. I say "BRING IT"...Early AND Often!!!

This is the week that I expect Jason Campbell to get us into the end zone three times and for Bush and McFadden to find it twice.

There will be no excuses. It is time for the "Lights Out" defense led by Death Ro, Big Dick and Scrabble to shut a rookie down and send the Rams back to St. Louis thinking about the 2011draft.

I know that the football season is long and that it is possible to start off 0-2 and still be a good team, but, losing to the Rams

For those of you going to the game, come by our tailgate by the flag pole, just introduce yourself and toss something on the grill or into the cooler. If you have nothing, then just bring your appetite.