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2010 Pre-Season Game 4: That HUGE Sucking Sound You Hear Is The 4th Pre-Season Game

Truth be told, I wish that the Northgate Broncos from Walnut Creek were taking the field in the stead of any able bodied Oakland Raiders tonight. In all fairness to the players who are trying to make the team, those on the bubble are really only trying to put some good tape together so that they can get picked up by some other team as a practice squad player or the 53rd player on their roster.

As little as the first three games meant, this one means absolutely NOTHING.

It may be entertaining to a few of us, but, the roster is set. I know, there may be a question about Watkins or Higgins, or Groves or Goethel, but, that is about it.

And duty calls!!! So I will be here, for most of the game...Do you guys want to play a 4th regular season blogging game, like, be the first one to name the player who made the tackle?

If you can't tell, I am extremely bummed over the loss of Campbell and Bush. They truly were/are our brightest offensive hopes this year.

Let me know, Cheers,