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The Weekly Answer Thread

Oh Nation, our great fortune tellers have rang in with their glimpses of the future and there fortunes aren't very fortunate. Wait, upon further review and last minute email notice, the switch in QB's has been felt in the stars.

Gradkowski's intangibles have become tangible enough to sway the heavens. In what Raiderdamus's assistant first foresaw as a loss has now become a victory!

Before we get to the assistant, however, we must listen to the great master himself. Lady (that would be Spirals) and Gentleman (wait, that's none of us) and crude men, I give you RAIDERDAMUS! ...After a quick PSA.

Give us your prediction to apply for the esteemed post of Assistant. See if you can unseat TAW.


I've done a lot of chart-consulting and pondering about this game. It has all come into focus for me. There are a few things about this game that I do not trust whatsoever:

1. The Raiders ability to win two games consecutively.

2. Derek Anderson.

3. The Cardinals ability to not turn the ball over several times.

Both teams played equally well/poorly against the Rams. We both beat them by a very small margin. Both teams got blown out on the road against vastly superior teams (Titans, Falcons). Every time I think that their defense may be able to bottle up Darren McFadden, I remember that Chris Snelling had three TDs on Sunday. Even though the Falcons' O-line is much better than ours, I do believe we can make any necessary adjustments, whether in scheme or personnel. I predict McFadden will run up and down the field on Arizona. 185 yards and 1 TD for him.

Gradkowski will likely be starting, and that's good. Campbell is a better QB, but obviously is uncomfortable with the offense and/or offensive line at this point. Grad has a better handle on both and he should get the snaps until Campbell shows he can do it. We need his leadership. The Cardinals have a pretty good secondary, but I think Grad will handle it. 210 yds, 1 TD, 1 INT.

Derek Anderson is a puzzle. Fitzgerald will be covered by Nnamdi, which doesn't make him off-limits but will lessen his effectiveness. Breaston vs. Routt is another matter, but Breaston isn't as good as Fitz. Anderson will thus use lots of play-action, short throws to backs, and tight ends. Anderson's line shall be 250 yds, 2 TD, 2 INT.

The Cardinals RBs (Wells if he suits up, Hightower, Stephens-Howling) will have an absolute field day against the Raider run defense. However, they will also fumble at least once. I predict 230 yds rushing 2 TD, 1 fumble lost combined for all AZ backs.

The game is being played in Tempe, which is an advantage for the Cards albeit a small one, as there are probably more Raider fans than Cardinal fans in the area. However, I see the Cards pulling this one out, 24-23..

Damus Jr.:

I am going with Oakland with the upset 20-19 on the road.  The defense plays bend-don’t break and also limits the run game.  They keep the game close and Bruce pulls out a late comeback with a 7 yard TD pass to Murphy in the waning moments of the game spoiling Arizona’s home opener.  Here’s hoping Houston takes out Dallas.  Don’t want to see them after a disappointing loss.

While they disagree on the outcome, one thing is for certain, it is going to be a one point game. Remember, these men are merely messengers of the futures and not creators. So, shall the Raiders happen to lose, we cannot hold them accountable.