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Let's Do This Oakland!!! The Oakland Raiders Bright Spots For 9-26-10

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You know, I'd taken this week's loss as hard as I've taken any over the last few years. Even though the Niners were 0-3, I was still let down and didn't feel like talking smack to my co-workers. I was swearing, internally and externally, about Sebastian Janikowski, Tom Cable and even Bruce Gradkowski.

There is no doubt that the entire Raider Nation was stung by seeing the game in Arizona slip by the Goal Post to the left.

Then, this morning, I was talking to my morning coffee guy, who is also a Raider fan, about replacing Bruce Gradkowski, and it was as clear as day that there is no way that you replace a guy who has his team in position to win every game, except for Dallas, that he has started. Period

Bruce drove the field and put the Raiders in position to win! Again! He converted a 4th Down on 4th and 10 and had the ball on the AZ 17 with over a minute and a half to go before Cable decided to lay up for the chip shot.

Bruce's over-exuberance was on full display on Sunday and he should be calmer this week. I expect the touch to return to the passes and the proper calls to be made...Especially Time Out...(Cough Cough Cough)

Then, I started thinking about how well Louis Murphy did, and, the fact that Darren McFadden went off again and Zach Miller went for his first TD of the season.

The Raider front seven had the best game I've seen them have this season and Rolando McClain lived in the AZ backfield.

The creme de la creme of Sunday was Nnamdi reasserting himself as the #1 cornerback in football. He absolutely dominated Larry Fitzgerald.

With better play calling, game management and kicking that game in AZ is a blow-out for the Raiders.

I know that losses don't usually warrant game balls, but, I have to give Nnamdi a game ball for rising back to the top. There is no doubt that Nnamdi is the best cover corner in the NFL BAR NONE.