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Oakland Raiders Tailgate Part Deaux: Time For A Texas Style Cook-Out!!!

After experiencing, first hand, the Police State that the Oakland Raiders and Alameda County Sheriffs have created at the Coliseum, I wasn't sure that I wanted to return to the Parking Lot this week.

On Opening Day, they were arresting people for being drunk who were not starting trouble and they kicked out some of our tailgaters for being loud in the game.

If you haven't seen it yet, they build a mini jail in the parking lot and just drag people in there. It is pretty bad.

Then I got to thinking...You know what, this is what I love to do...So, I asked myself...

"Are you going to let that stop you from tailgating?"

And the answer came pretty quickly, "HELL NO!!!!!"

Man, I can't wait to get out there and throw some ribs on the smoker!!! Have a COUPLE of beers, and then root on the Raiders.

This will be the official tailgating thread for this weekend. If you wish to join us just bring something to eat, drink, or an appetite.

We will be back in the normal spot this week. We will not be with the Black Hole, rather we will be near the freeway, in the front row corner near the VIP entrance. Look for the Grill Iron Gang sign and the A's and Raider flags flying.

I'll bring three racks of ribs and a case of beer. What are you bringing?

Seriously, though, consider yourself warned about the storm troopers, they swarm 20 minutes before kick-off and then 20 minutes after the game they ride through the aisles on motorcycles. In fact, last year, I was nearly clipped by one speeding through the crowd.