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Oakland Raiders Final Roster Cuts: The Unchosen Ones ...

Steve Corkran just met with Cable and reports that that the following did not make the Raiders' Roster:

Colt Brennan Quarterback 2

Luke Lawton Fullback 5

Manase Tonga Fullback R

Shaun Bodiford Wide receiver 4

Todd Watkins Wide receiver 3

John Owens Tight end 9

Chris Morris Center 5

Alex Parsons Guard R

Brandon Rodd Guard 1

Alex Daniels Defensive end R

Greyson Gunheim Defensive end 2

Jay Richardson Defensive end 4

Kellen Heard Defensive tackle R

William Joseph Defensive tackle

Chris Cooper Defensive tackle 8

David Nixon Linebacker 2

Slade Norris Linebacker 2

Joe Porter Cornerback 2

Joey Thomas Cornerback 4

Jerome Boyd Safety 2

Swayze Waters Punter 1

Note: Cable indicated that there is one more player to be cut and deliberations are going on now ...

So, Nation, let your voice be heard. If I had my wish it would be Erik Pears getting cut ... if not him, then Ricky Brown.

Bottom Line: With the exception of John Marshall's Defensive Coordinating, everything the Raiders have done this Post/Preseason has been reasonable!!!