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Oakland Raiders finish final roster cut on sour note

After deliberating for what can compare to a game-clock hour at the Super-Bowl, Oakland, which had a reasonable roster cut through 21 of 22 players, decided to cut a universal fan favorite - Stevie 'Wunderkind" Brown who had distinguished himself during preseason at FS and on STs. This came as something of a shock, I had expected the obvious pairing down of "RT"Pears or the hapless MLB, Ricky (Ricky) Brown.

All said and done, it was a shaky B+ / solid B day of cuts and keeps.

I'll miss Slade Norris (9 pts scored on STs in preseason) and Stevie Brown who many of us considered a threat to Huff and Eugene at FS.Those two athletes should have been kept, in my opinion ... wtf.

According to a another source, Andy Slater, the decision to release Brown came after intense discussions over keeping either Mike "the Missile" Mitchell or Stevie Brown. How both of these excellent football players could even be 'on the bubble' is surprising, but what is far more surprising are the 2 or 3 players who made the team today who are not fit to wear the Silver & Black or carry the soiled jock of either Mitchell or Brown to the dry cleaner.

Overall, I know the Cut was good, but feel that we somehow screwed up today.