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Rejoice Raider Nation, We have a Center!



Rookie Jared Veldheer, from an obscure DII college, has been designated Raiders starting Center and will unleash his Power and O-line Wits against the Titans next week. I'm very please with this decision by the Cable Committee and Al Davis. Veld will have seasoned veterans on either side of him (Gallery with 7 years experience and Carlisle with 8 years).

This decision excludes Veldheer from assuming Tackle duties.  It's rare, however, for a rookie to start at OT in the NFL; so, Veld is going to be used where he can help the team most - right now.  A a very strong 315lbs, Jared is the answer to the many NTs on our schedule and one positive response to our sporadic running game.

Gone, as a result of this decision, is Chris Morris for which I am also glad.  Samson Satele will be backup C and help our struggling Special Teams to be more effective.

 The Offensive Line on Sept. 12th will be:

LT - Mario Henderson (back-up Khalif Barnes)

LG - Robert Gallery (Daniel Loper or Khalif Barnes)

C - Jared Veldheer (back-up Samson Satele)

RG - Cooper Carlise (back-up Bruce "Soup" Campbell)

RT - Langston Walker (back-up Khalif Barnes) 

Please pray that nobody gets hurt (this line hasn't much depth) and that we acquire a good OT, A.S.A.P.

FN. Oakland has never been great without a great Center.  I believe Veld has a shot and could eventually be named among: Otto, Dalby, Mosebar, Robbins.