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Oakland Raiders Practice Squad: Who Should Be Signed?

The key with practice squads is that players who are on practice squads can be picked up by any team, at any point to fill a need. This is how the Oakland Raiders lost Kevin Boothe and Dave Tolleson a few years ago.

Both, Boothe, a promising young Offensive Lineman and Tolleson, a promising young Defensive Lineman, were poached from the Oakland Raider practice squad when they failed to be placed on the 53 man roster in time to stick in Oakland.

Interestingly enough, both of these players played roles in the Giants Super Bowl victory over New England.

So, will Stevie Brown or Manase Tonga be signed OUR practice squad or be picked up by someone else and added to their 53 man roster or practice squad? Or are there players out there that can be added to our practice squad or the 53 man roster?

I have not received word yet, but this thread will keep us posted.

Here is the Oakland Raiders Transactions Page