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The Titans Are Ready

This is a kinder, gentler schedule for the Raiders than in years past. Past editions have had the cynic in us screaming conspiracy, but this year even the hardened theorist is struggling for evidence.

There is less travel, they are matched up with the supposedly weak NFC West, and it lacks any crazy road trips or short weeks that feature defending super bowl champs.

All that being said, they got dealt a bum hand for the opener. While the Titans aren't favorites to win the Super Bowl this year, they are 40-1, they are one of the last opponents I would want the Raiders to play in Week One for a grab bag assortment of reasons.

So, reach in and grab one.... And the winner is: The Atonement Factor

After the Titans wretched 0-6 start last year, this is a squad that is geeked on getting off on the right foot this year.

And the worst of this is, they have placed all of the emphasis on this fast start on Week One. Head Coach Jeff Fisher talking addressing the question if his preparations have looked past Week One:

Once that's over, we'll deal with the next opponent. But our focus is on the Oakland Raiders.

Fisher has had his staff devote more time in the pre-season towards preparing for Week One then he has in the past. The Titans have been game planning the Raiders since the end of Week Three of the pre-season. Fisher gave an incredibly detailed blueprint of what those preparations uncovered:

The coaches have been watching very closely throughout the off-season and throughout the pre-season -- they're a very talented team. They're very unpredictable. It's hard to predict what we're going to get, so we have to be prepared to adjust.

I don't know how he expects to win, when he just gives away his game plan like that. The point remains though, The Fisher King wants this game. When asked about the amount of preparations they have put in Fisher said he didn't watch a single play on tape of the Saints leading up to the pre-season finale and said:

Does that kind of give you an idea?

Yes, Jeff. Yes it does.

I've got a lot of respect for Jeff Fisher. I think he is a Hall of Fame caliber coach. These quotes worry me.

And it's not just the team that is keyed up for a fast start either. The Raiders are going to be walking into a frenzied powder blue asylum. The Titans have asked their fans to go with the powder blue shirts that have historically been reserved for the Colts game.

The Raiders are public enemy number one, simply because they are there in Week One. The Titans are planning on taking out an off-season of frustration on the Raiders. A frustration born from watching a team close out the season 8-2 and was ready to do some damage in the playoffs, only told it was time to go home, because they weren't focused enough at the start of the year. This is a team and fan base that has vowed this year will be different.

This undoubtedly plays a part in the Raiders being 6 point underdogs in this contest, which is the third biggest spread of the weekend, but it certainly isn't the only reason.

All the hype, quotes and preparation aside, the outcome of this game is going to be determined through the match-ups on the field. I'm not sure this bodes much better for the Raiders.

Will Chris Johnson retire before the game to launch a rap career and clothing line? Will the cops find Kenny Britt in time for the game? Will Vince Young get beat up in a strip club? Will Kerry Collins fall and not be able to get up? Stay tuned for these exciting answers and a break down of the Titans and the ensuing match-ups with the Raiders coming tomorrow. Same bat time, same bat channel.