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"Al" Good Things In "Al's" Good Time: Hue Jackson Is Looking Like The Next Raider Head Coach

I have to stand and applaud Hue Jackson. He has followed the Raider code to a tee.

1) He has not opened his mouth or speculated in public.

2) He has let the numbers, which Mr. Davis lives by, do the speaking for him. (Scoring twice as many points in 2010 than in 2009)

3) He has also shut the players up.

All of us in the one true Nation, Raider Nation, know that Mr. Davis reads every single piece of media known to man as often as he can and he detests his coaches or players speaking ill of him or his beloved organization. See the banning of Rich Gannon, benching of Marcus Allen and signing of a punter after Lechler flapped his gums.

Hue has been "True" to the Raider code and this goes a long way in Mr. Davis' book.

Second to the code of honor is the performance on the field and there is no denying that the team improved significantly since Mr. Jackson joined the ranks. 

In Training Camp the players spoke about how he brought a different passion and fire to the team and at times he was leading the practices. Then there is the fact that under Cable in 2009 the team was lost and terrible on offense and Hue led an offense that doubled the point production of 2009 and nobody can argue that Hue became just as big as Cable by the end of the season.

Lastly, I have not heard a peep from the players recently and I have to believe that Hue has reached out to some and assured them, while keeping them quiet.

In short, I think Hue gets it and he will soon be leading the Silver and Black.