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Sunday Morning Bloody Mary: The Oakland Raiders 2011 Opponents

As I sip my Absolut Bloody Mary this morning and get ready for today's games to start I am coming to the realization that I really don't care about these games. Sure, Tom Brady against Sanchez and the Jets is a classic match-up of undersized bully, New York, against classy MMA fighter, New Enland and should provide some classic moments. Then there is the crotch grabbing Oakland native Marshawn Lynch going into a frozen Chicago to take on Da' Bears, but, my mind is already on next year's Oakland Raider season, so I want to post the games that we have. home and away and talk about what we think of the opponents we are facing and what games we might be attending.

From Oakland


New England, Jets, Cleveland, Chicago, Detroit, KC, Denver, San Diego


Miami, Buffalo, Houston, Green Bay, Minnesota, Denver, KC, San Diego

Now, we don't know what our team will look like, what time of the year we will be playing the cold weather teams on the road or if there will even be a season, BUT, I am going to start planning on going to Green Bay and Miami on the road. How about you?