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Halftime Thread: 10-3 Oakland

Oakland has continuously put heavy pressure on Matt Cassell and if not for a turnover by, the now officially failed, Darius Heyward-Bey, would be pitching a first half shut out.

On the Offensive side of the ball, Chaz Schillens has made his presence felt for the first time in 2010, actually it happened in 2011, as he caught three balls for two first downs and a TD.

Michael Bush has carried the ball 13 times for 60 yards and has had a lot of success running to the right side of the Line.

Jason Campbell is doing what Jason Campbell does best, he is managing the game, not turning the ball over and making key plays on 3rd down to keep drives alive.

I look for the Chiefs to come out even harder in the second half, but as long as LaMarr Houston and Kamerion Wimbley keep playing likie mad dawgs the Chiefs may have to pull Cassel before he gets seriously hurt.

Go Raiders!!!