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Two Sources Report That Tom Cable May Have Coached His Last Game In Oakland

The sources are ESPN and Mike Lombardi. So two Raider haters are reporting that Al Davis will fire Tom Cable. This may be true, but, one has to question the timing of this "reporting" and also the sources.

Mike Lombardi is probably the most hated man in Alameda, as he was the "Mole" who undermined Art Shell and Tom Walsh. He has gone on to be a talking head for the NFL Network and he is ALWAYS wrong.

ESPN is not liked AT ALL in Raider Land and I disdain the fact that I even have to report this after such a glorious win.

Tom cable has done the best that he could in Oakland. Is he a World Beating strategist? No. But, what brings to the table is the fact that is a passionate life long Raider fan who has instilled Old School Raider tradition back into this organization. The players love him and so do many of the fans. Tom Cable is what he is and he doesn't deserve to have his parade rained on so soon.

So, Nation, believe it when you see it, and not until then. These "Reports" are hogwash and are being thrown out there to cloud the turnaround that this team has made.