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I Met Lincoln Kennedy Last Night:

I want to dedicate this post to a great Raider of old who's name doesn't get brought up, perhaps, as much as it should.

Rarely has there been a man who played the game at his level of intensity that has been such a great persona and affable character as Lincoln Kennedy.

Lincoln's tenure as a Raider lasted from 1996-2003 and he played through pain and constant concussions to anchor the right tackle position for a team that was one of the best of the early 2000's. In Seven seasons, with the Oakland Raiders, Lincoln played in two Pro Bowls and was an instrumental part of the O-Line that blocked for one of the most dynamic offenses of All-Time, the 2001-2002 Oakland Raiders.

Last night, when I was attending the Bright Side of the Sun Meet-up, Lincoln came in, with his beautiful wife and sat right across from me.

I waited until he was leaving to broach him in conversations. Of course I wanted to know what he thought of the "Wiz" joining the Oakland Raiders and he let me know that he thought "Wiz" would be a great coach and that he wouldn't be surprised to see Chester McGlockton join him since both were on Jim Harbaugh's coaching team at Stanford.

I told him that Al Davis was getting the band back together after Lane Kiffin broke it up and he smiled in agreement. When I asked him if he'd like to put a helmet back on he said that those days were long behind him and his wife confirmed with a huge shake of her head that she is much happier without having to worry about him on Sundays.

I was always a big Lincoln fan and after meeting him he did not change my opinion of him!


- Saint