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Raiders Take Chiefs' Lunch Money

The Raiders players got dance moves and they were dancin' all over Arrowhead! They invaded Kansas City and claimed it as their own. How awesome was that? The Raiders kicked the balls off of the Chiefs. They didn't just beat them, they beat them up.

The Chiefs would have been much better served to play their back-ups, then to have their starters embarrassed like that. Honestly, does everyone on the Chiefs hate Matt Cassel? 'Cause no one seemed very anxious to block for him. He got the middle-of-the-movie, Steamin' Willie Beamon treatment.

It got plain silly. Jarvis Moss was abusing guys. Desmond Bryant got a sack from the DE position. I don't even remember him playing DE before. John Marshal even ran out for a play and got a hit on Cassel. Al Davis was about ready to take the field and get his sack on. It was an impressive showing by everyone.

The Raiders had nothing to play for in this game, but each other. In the end, it was apparent that, that was far more important to them, then the playoff positioning that the Chiefs were playing for and that is a beautiful thing.

There'll be plenty of time to talk about next year, this year as a whole, the coach situation etc, etc, etc, but I want to keep this post to the joy that was the Raiders domination of the Chiefs on Sunday.

  • Michael Bush: He looked great. The one handed catch, spin and run was unreal. Just catching it was impressive and the yards after the catch were even more impressive.
  • John Henderson: When Henderson sat on the free agent market there were reports that some scouts were saying he was washed up. Wrong! Henderson played a lot of snaps on Sunday and he dominated on most of them.
  • Michael Huff: Huff had a great all around game. His job was made easy with the Raiders D-line dominating, but he laid the smack down a couple of times and that was a nice catch on the INT.
  • Cooper Carlisle: Cooper had a great game. The Raiders found a lot of success running to the right side and Coop was usually throwing the key block.
  • Chaz Schilens: A taste of honey is worse than none at all.
  • Jared Veldheer: The rookie was a walking penalty. As was his custom and to be expected, he showed flashes of brilliance and dung.
  • LaMarr Houston: He is switching seamlessly between DE/DT.
  • DHB: Played like he was a Chief.
  • The Raiders didn't knock the Chiefs out of the playoffs like they did in '99, but they might as well have. As TheRaiderWay pointed out below, the Chiefs are going to be one sore group of players and they are going to rocked by Baltimore next week. I am so confident that they are going to get worked by Baltimore that I am going to view it as a fact for my next two sentences. Nice season, Chiefs. Now marinate on the fact you got swept by the Raiders and ended your season with two ass-kickings at home. See you in 2011...unless you choose to forfeit and save yourselves the humbling humbleness.