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Oakland Raiders Quick Poll: Your 2011 Head Coach will be....?

With the Raiders 31-10 rout of the Chiefs yesterday barely in the books, the rumors already were out there in the media that current Head Coach Tom Cable will not be back to coach the team in 2011.

We've all been through this before with the rumors, each season the mongers believe that they know what Al will be doing. Unless Al wants there to be a rumor out there, nobody really knows what he will do until he does it.

However, there are equally as many good reasons to keep Cable as there are to not retain him, based on the results of the 2010 season, every bit of the reason as their record of 8-8.

Sure, it was a "non-losing" season for the first time since 2002, but it's also not a winning one, where the Raiders did not beat one AFC team outside of the AFC West. Losing games to Arizona, 49ers and Miami, which were all winnable, would have put the Raiders in the playoffs.

What do you think Nation? Who will be the Raiders Head Coach for the 2011 season?