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SABP Community Poll: The Defensive Coordinator

There has been much debate here at SABP about the job that Defensive Coordinator John Marshall did with his defense for the 2010 season and the Community seems divided.

Well, as far as the numbers go, the Raiders finished number 11 in overall defense, (ironically, the offense finished 10th) coming in at 2nd against the pass. The problem again was against the run, where the Raiders finished 29th. That's just not good enough and this time it's not due to lack of talent as much as it is coaching and discipline.

At times this season, Marshall was brilliant and at other times he grossly misused the talent he had at his disposal and the Raiders paid dearly. The Raiders had a great pass rush this season and finished with 47 sacks, but that is due more to the talent and the job by Mike Waufle then it is Marshall.The Raiders finally had an offense that could score points and stay on the field longer, thus keeping the defense "off" the field longer, managed to have a defense that gave up 30 or more points six times this season.

It may well be Al's scheme, but the players preparedness, being in position, having the correct angles, tackling, discipline and executing all fall on the defensive coordinator's shoulders.

What do you think Nation? Do the Raiders need a change at defensive coordinator? If so, who do you think it should/will be? What is it finally going to take to get the Raiders to be a top 10 rush defense?