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Raiders Re-poll: Now Who Do You Think Will Be The Head Coach in 2011?

Well as usual where the Raiders are concerned, you have to separate a lot of fact from fiction, and that certainly applies to who will be their head coach for the 2011 season.

Fact: Tom Cable is out as head coach, this confirmed by the Raiders. Fiction: Hue Jackson will be replacing Cable and be the head coach of the Oakland Raiders for the 2011 season. This has been rumored in the media, but steadfastly denied by the Raiders.

In our community poll from this past Monday, the readers were asked by the poll to choose who they believed would be the Raiders head coach for the 2011 season. With more than 4,400 votes cast, a whopping 2205 of those votes (49%) believed that Cable would be back for 2011.

Now we will give the Community a do-over since so many believed that it would be Cable and now we can remove him from the yet to be decided equation.

Al Davis has not spoke to the media for more than a year and no one really knows what his thinking will be here. But if I had to speculate, I would say that if it was indeed to be Hue Jackson, then there would not be the need to take out Cable just two days after the season ended, especially when Jackson is under contract. This could very well be a move for Harbaugh or someone bigger, but it sure appears that Al has had his mind made up for some time.

Let the speculation begin anew, who do you now believe will be the Oakland Raiders head coach for the 2011 season?