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Jim Harbaugh Is Not Coming To Oakland: Will Hue Jackson Be Al's Choice?

It is looking pretty official that Jim Harbaugh will bow to the almighty dollar and sign on to coach the Miami Dolphins. It looks like he will inherit the Chad Henne disaster and may be replacing a good Defensive Coordinator with his own guy. I guess he likes the "Beaches" of Miami over the cold "Beaches" in SF or Oakland.

Honestly, i don't want him here. I want Jon Gruden or Hue Jackson. Which brings us to my next point: What about Hue Jackson?

Cable is out of the way and neither Jackson nor the Raiders have officially commented on his candidacy. so, what gives?

My take is that the job is Hue's and that he is listening to Al Davis' advice on gleening info from every team possible before he signs. That is what Al does. Every time he has an opening he always interviews every candidate that he can even when his mind is set on someone. 

As far as the departure of Cable goes, I know that I haven't weighed in on this yet, I am for it. Cable had 8 Pro Bowlers on his team this year, the offense doubled last year's output, yet the team only went 8-8. Football is a big business and you have to do better than 8-8 when you have a talented team and you are playing the NFL West. Period. I respected Cable for who he was as a man, and I am sure that was what kept him in Oakland long enough to build his resume when NOBODY else would have given him that shot, so peace out Cabes and now onto bigger and better things under Hue Jackson...or maybe Jon Gruden!!!