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NFL Playoff Open Thread: 01-08-11: New Orleans @ Seattle, Jets @ Colts

I am in Scottsdale AZ for the weekend and plan on watching these games a few local establishments, so if any of you have an idea on where to watch the games, please let me know.

The Saints and Seahawks will be kicking off at 4:30 Eastern Time on Fox and on paper this looks like a blow-out waiting to happen. Curently, the Saints are a -10.5 favorite or -600 on the money line while the under over is only 44. That means that the pros think this will likely be a 28-17 game, but, I don't see it even being that close.

Matt Hasselbeck will be starting for Seattle, but, I just don't see the Hawks running game being able to get going which means that Matt will be exposed to a fierce pass rush all day and 12th man in Seattle or not, I se the score being closer to 42-10, than 28-17.

New Orleans will be missing Pierre Thomas and Chris Ivory, so look for a lot of spread offense and for Reggie Bush to get over 20 touches today.


The game that most interests me today is the battle between the New York Jets and Indianapolis Colts. This has all the makings of a classic AFC battle. 

In this rematch of Super Bowl III, you have the young pretty boy from New York going against the savvy veteran who knows how to win. Sound familiar? Well it should!

The line may look a bit surprising as the Colts are 2.5 point favorites. But don't be fooled. The Colts are better than everyone thinks and the media darling Jets are worse than everyone thinks.

I see the Colts winning this game in the final minutes by 4 points. I just think that Payton Manning has been on a hot streak lately and he has found ways to win games in the final minutes. I don't expect tonight's game to be any different. The over under is currently 44.5.


Well Raider fans, let's hope and pray that Al Davis has his plan in place. I have said this once and will say it again, "Directly from the horses mouth, JON GRUDEN said that he would come back to coach the Oakland Raiders in a heart beat. All Al has to do is ask." AD has eaten crow before and has admitted that he tried to concel the deal after he traded Gruden to Tampa, but couldn't retract it. Chucky may be back in Oakland. If it isn't Hue, then, it's Chucky. Either way, i am looking for one of them to get this organization in position to be in this post season thread next season.