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Video Of Oakland Raiders Returning To Alameda - By Oakfosho

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This is a video that EVERY Raider fan needs to watch. It shows the love affair that the fans of this team and the players share together. Make no mistake, the bond that exists between the fans and this team is real. Notice that Richard Seymour , Coach Jackson and Amy Trask are the first ones to come and greet the throng.

If you were there, please take a moment to share your experience with us. This looks like a completely surreal scene. It really feels like something, beyond one win, happened yesterday. The emotions of losing the head of our franchise and winning an "Un-winnable" game on the road in the final seconds seems to have taken this season to a height that I have not experienced with any team at any time. 

This is higher than the Warriors improbable victory over the Mavericks. It is higher than the A's of the 80's and 90's or the Raiders of 1980 or the early 2000's.

I mean, just imagine what this will turn into if the Raiders clinch a playoff spot or win the SUPER BOWL.

This may sound biased, but, there are not better fans in any sport than those here in Oakland. Mr. Davis knew he'd made a mistake and like any true genius, he corrected it.

Thanks for coming back Al and thank you for giving us this team.


- Saint