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Oakland Raiders To Honor Al Davis On October 16th Against Browns

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I am sure that most of you have already heard that the Oakland Raiders will be honoring Mr. Davis' life and memory at this Sunday's contest against the Cleveland Browns.

The team has made it official through Twitter and I will fill you all in as details come in. I know that i will be in early in order to soak it all in. Raider Nation has never been so connected. It is as if this loss has created a black hole that is pulling everyone into the center.

If you have been affected by this weekend, then do yourself a favor and be there. Something great is brewing and I know that the fans, team and players are look at getting after it on Sunday.

This brings me to a question: If you could add something to the service on Sunday, what would it be? The Raiders front office does read this site, so maybe your idea will come to fruition.

If you need tickets, you can buy them on I hope to see you there!