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John Madden on Al Davis

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John Madden wasn't ready until today to offer up his thoughts on his former boss and dear friend Al Davis. Today he gave an interview on 740-AM KCBS and Steve Corkran put his words to print.

"There’s part of you that says, you know that he’s going to die, but there’s another part that says, Al Davis will never die. It’s Al Davis. Then, you think that he’s sick, he’s not doing well, but he’s a fighter, he’ll fight this, and he’s going to win. Then, you hear the call and you say, well, you shouldn’t be shocked. But it was very, very shocking. I still am. If you really knew him and you were a part of him, he was the most loyal friend or person that you could have. And then there was a lot of people that he didn’t know. Well, of course, he couldn’t be loyal to them. Like I said, Al Davis isn’t for everyone. Everyone’s not going to say that Al Davis is this or that, that he’s perfect, and he’s all these things. But if he’s your friend, if you played for him, if you coached for him, if you were part of the NFL, he was that guy. And there was no one that could be better at being that guy than Al Davis. He stood up for what he believed and he stood up for what he thought was right, not only for him but for other people."