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Mainstream Media Love from Me for Their Love for Al Davis

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I have always been quick to poke fun at the mainstream media for the way they handle and talk about the Raiders. There have been countless times for them to bash the Raiders over the past decade and they seem to have jumped on that opportunity every chance they could get.

So in light of that I should probably take a minute to commend them on a job well done. Across the board, media outlets have handled the passing of Al Davis respect, and the two major television networks that center on football, ESPN and the NFL Network, have spoke about him with reverence.

I was especially impressed with Tom Jackson. Jackson has never hid his hatred for the Raiders. It almost always shines through anytime he talks about them, and he has always been one of my least favorite people on TV because of it. Jackson had nothing but positive things to say about Davis, and it all came across very sincere.

Marcus Allen also displayed a tremendous amount of class. Allen was nothing but respectful while manning fox's college football center on Saturday.

All of this puts the Raiders in a weird position. For the time being they are not the outlaws of the NFL, the team everyone loves to hate, or make fun of. The more the Raiders win the bigger the bandwagon is going to get. Oh well, I am getting distracted now.

Thanks to the media for all of the fabulous content on Al Davis and the Raiders the last few days. It has helped make Al Davis' passing into a true celebration of his life.