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John Madden is Not Ready to Talk About Role with Raiders

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It has been mentioned that Al Davis wanted John Madden to come on in an advisory capacity after Davis had passed. This is certainly not a surprise. The two remained very close. So close that John Madden doesn't want to talk about the future of the Raiders yet as he is still mourning the loss of his dear friend.

I have nothing but respect for those wishes. Even just reading Madden's quotes you can sense his sadness. Here is Madden from a radio interview with KCBS radio and transcribed by Vittorio Tafur:

"Al and I were always close, and we talked a lot about a lot of things," Madden said on KCBS Radio. "But I think a lot of these things are premature right now. It’s still (about) mourning the death of Al Davis, and he was such a great person to so many people and did so many things.

"For me, it’s rather harsh just to jump in from death to this … I’m still thinking about … it was just a week ago that I was sitting with Al. And he said to me out of the clear blue, ‘You know Willie Mays?’ And I go, ‘Yeah.’ And he goes, "I’ve lost touch with him. I would like to see him again.’ I was going to try and get a hold of Willie Mays and have him come to a game."