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With the Torch passed to Mark Davis & Hue Jackson, "just winning" is not enough

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Al Davis was all about winning. Everyone, even I suppose in the axis of evil countries, knows Al's famous motto, "Just Win, Baby." And certainly last week's game against Houston fit Al's paradigm perfectly. I never was sold on this motto, it leaves too much excellence unused and is rather recklessly on the edge. So, when Hue took over and started talking about building a Bully and dominating (a theme Al also cherished ... but seemed just as pleased with any win regardless of stats or game esthetics) my heart began to quicken and I remembered George Atkinson saying that he always "Killed a fly with a sledgehammer."

I believe Al Davis made the perfect choice in handing off the Torch to Hue Jackson and his son Mark Davis. In fact, after watching Kenneth Brannah play Henry IV (a prince who was not very serious about things until the mantel of power and responsibility was placed on his shoulders) who became, to everyone's astonishment, an amazingly strong and wise King, I thought of Mark Davis and became excited that he who grew up with the greatest Raider may be very much like Henry IV once the power was transferred to him.

This Sunday the Raiders are, for the first time all season, favored to win (by 7 pts). I can think of no better moment in history for Mark & Hue to make a big statement. That statement is this: A new epoch has begun and even winning is not enough, the Raiders will dominate teams and will not relent though opposing teams and coaches complain and cry, "unsportsmanlike to beat us so badly and by so many points." The "New Epoch of Raider Dominance" is what Sunday needs to usher in.

Al's perfect vision was not just to win but to dominate.

Crush the Cleveland Browns Sunday; physically and morally devastate them and their fans and their organization. Make that statement, commit now to an even higher standard of excellence than just winning - dare to be truly great and beyond conventional standards and norms - that is the Raider Way.

God Bless the Raiders and Long Live the indomitable spirit of Al Davis.

Now it is your time Hue and Mark and the new Raider doctrine, "Just Dominate, Baby!"