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Raiders' Richard Seymour Turned in a Game for the Ages Against Texans

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Anyone watching the Raiders defensive line destroy the Texans offensive line knew that Richard Seymour was an absolute beast on Sunday. Pro Football Focus sheds a little light on just how dominant he was. Check out this glowing review as Seymour's performance was highlighted in their weekly Marquee Matchup series.

The Oakland Raiders showed up emotionally ready to play and honor their late owner this Sunday in Houston and nowhere was that passion and drive to win for Al Davis more evident than on their defensive line. Against a Texans offensive line that has looked excellent to start the season, the Raiders’ D-line was simply dominant.

It would perhaps be unfair to call this a matchup of technique against physicality but this how it appeared to play out as the Raiders defensive line, led by Richard Seymour simply didn’t let the Texans win the first contact and establish the zone scheme.

The man left with the unenviable task of trying to block Seymour was Wade Smith who simply never contained him in the run or pass games. Smith wasn’t graded for a single positive block against Seymour all game long, the dominance from Seymour lasted from early in the first quarter until the end of the game. Matt Schaub will be seeing Seymour in his nightmares this week so often was the former Patriot in the backfield with him.

Against Smith, Seymour picked up two sacks, one hit and four pressures as he led the charge in a pass rush that didn’t let the Houston passing game, minus Andre Johnson, settle.